The Political Equestrian

A basic primer for horse people outlining how to create pro-equine government policy, protect against anti-equine efforts, and educate the non-horse owning public.   AKA: legislative guide for horsepeople

Throughout history horses were vital to expansion, used in battle, and viewed as wealth. Right up until the mid-twentieth century, horses and mules played a key role in war, transportation and farming in the United States. However, after World War Two and the advent of modern mechanization such as tractors, jeeps and planes; horses gradually fell out of use. This decreased the need of horses as work animals, along with loss of farmland from encroaching development, have led to many laws being enacted that can not only make owning a horse difficult, but in some cases impossible. Often, these laws are based on misinformation or misperceptions from the non-horse owning public.


This site was created to assist horse people with legislative issues, in order  that they may help defend against legislation that would negatively impact the equestrian world, and support legislation that would help. This includes topics such as farmland and open space issues, zoning, taxation, import/export regulations, animal health and welfare and a host of other matters that equestrians find themselves dealing with.

The information contained on these pages was created after many years of direct involvement with bills, regulations, and proposed legislation. It is not meant to replace legal or tax advice, or to be the most exhaustive resource on the subject of politics. It is however, meant as an introduction and basic primer for those involved in the horse industry-as often they find themselves on the receiving end of laws made by those who have no knowledge of animal husbandry or concept of agricultural practices. It is my hope that by educating the horse industry, that it can successfully further its own interests. Please do be aware however, that a great deal of work went into this project, and reproducing this material is prohibited without my consent.


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Author: Chester L

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