Amazing Equestrian Homes across the Country

A place to call home

An equestrian home is a special purchase that goes above and beyond a great home and acreage.  While the décor and square footage of the main house are important, you must also think about the comfort and well being of your animals. Remember, your horses and livestock have to call this home as well, so do your research before buying.  Here are some questions to ask that will help you find out if a property is right for your horses.

  1. Are there local trails or areas to explore that are within a short riding distance?
  2. Is there adequate room to run and exercise?
  3. What is the climate like?  If the weather is harsh, is their ample barn space to house your livestock when the weather is less than desirable?
  4. Would your horses be housed in a community stable or in your own barn?
  5. Is there an area for training?
  6. Where is the nearest water supply?
  7. How far is the nearest veterinarian?


Finding your own piece of heaven

Once you have found a few places that are suitable for your livestock, it is time to start looking at the living spaces for the two legged members of your family.  Here are some of the things that you want to consider when looking at an estate.

Price- this is usually the first hurdle that any property must overcome.  If you can’t afford it, then why even bother?  Be clear about your own budget constraints and only look at properties within that range.  This will help avoid heartache later on down the road.  Also keep in mind that your property will require a certain amount of upkeep, such as taxes and maintenance so factor that in to the overall cost of a property.

Location- would you rather find something close to where you are now, or are you looking for something more exotic.  There are equestrian properties all over the world, so you are only limited by your own imagination.
Amenities- items such as motorized gates, employee quarters, and surround sound systems are just a few of the thousands of different amenities that you may find in a property.  Begin by creating a list of items that you must have, and then create a second list of items that you would like to have but don’t have to.  This will help your realtor custom fit a home to your specific needs.

Size- how much living space do you and your family need?  If your budget is tight, you may be able to sacrifice home square footage for acreage, so vice versa.  So understand your particular needs and wants.
Style- the overall feel of the property is also important.  Do you prefer rustic or modern flair?  No matter what your style, chances are you can find an equestrian home to fit your personal tastes.


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